Transparency Reporting

Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

The Annual Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting legislation is an opportunity for the West Branch-Rose City Area School District to share with the public information on how resources are utilized.

The legislation represents an amendment to the State School Aid Act (Public Act 94 of 1979) and requires each Michigan school district and intermediate school district to post the following budgetary information on its website.

Administrator Evaluation Documents

          External LinkAdministrator Evaluation Assurances

Audited Financial Statements      

Each year, West Branch-Rose City Area School District is required to hire an independent auditor to complete a comprehensive audit which evaluates and reports on the financial condition of the district.  The audit includes a thorough analysis of all business operations as well as a compliance review for the requirements of the many programs we operate.

         PDF Document 2021-2022 Audit Report
          PDF Document2020-2021 Audit Report
          PDF Document2019-2020 Audit Report
          PDF Document2018-2019 Audit Report
          PDF Document2017-2018 Audit Report
          PDF Document2016-2017 Audit Report
          PDF Document2015-2016 Audit Report

Bargaining Agreements and Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

          PDF DocumentWBRC-EA - Contract through 6/30/2023
          PDF DocumentEA Letter of Agreement 1/18/22

          PDF DocumentUSW - Contract through 6/30/2024 (pending signatures)         
          PDF Document 2021-2022 USW Letter of Agreement 6/6/22

This section includes information related to the health care plans adopted following negotiations with the labor unions.

          PDF DocumentMESSA Health Insurance & Rates - Administrators - Central Office Staff - Teachers 

         PDF DocumentUnited Steel Workers (USW) Health Insurance - Support Staff 

Best Practices

          PDF DocumentBest Practices Resolution for 2015-2016, Adopted April 20, 2015

Bids from Outside Contractors

          PDF DocumentCustodial Bid_Axium
          PDF DocumentCustodial Bid_CMS
          PDF DocumentCustodial Bid_EnviroClean
          PDF DocumentCustodial Bid_GRBS
          PDF DocumentCustodial Bid_Hi-Tec

          PDF DocumentFood Service - Entire Bid from Chartwells, March 2014
                    Note: VERY LARGE PDF; may take time to download, please be patient.
          PDF DocumentFood Service Bid Update, 2015

          PDF DocumentTransportation Bid_Dean
          PDF DocumentTransportation Bid_First Student

Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting

The West Branch-Rose City Area School District budget is adopted by a publicly elected local board of education no later than June 30 of each year.  This budget is posted on the website within 30 days of adoption.  Any subsequent budget amendments are also posted within 30 days.    

     Budget, Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Board Approved
PDF Document2022-2023 Beginning General Fund & Food Service Budget
     PDF Document2022-2023 Beginning Fiduciary Fund Budget

     Budget, Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Board Approved
      PDF Document2021-2022 Beginning General Fund & Food Service Budget
      PDF Document2021-2022 Beginning Fiduciary Fund Budget
      PDF Document2021-22 Budget Amendment No. 1
      PDF DocumentFinal 2021-2022 Budget Amendment #2

      Budget, Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Board Approved 
PDF Document2020-2021 Beginning General Fund & Food Service Budget
         PDF Document2020-2021 Beginning Fiduciary Fund Budget
         PDF Document2020-21 Budget Amendment No. 1
         PDF Document 2020-2021 FINAL Budget Amendment No. 2

      Budget, Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Board Approved 

          PDF Document2019-2020 FINAL Budget Amendment No. 2
          PDF Document2019-2020 Budget Amendment No. 1
          PDF Document2019-2020 Beginning General Fund & Food Service Budget
          PDF Document2019-2020 Beginning Fiduciary Fund Budget

      Budget, Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Board Approved 

          PDF Document2018-2019 Beginning Budget
          PDF Document2018-2019 Budget Amendment No. 1
          PDF Document2018-2019 FINAL Budget Amendment No. 2

      Budget, Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Board Approved        

          PDF DocumentBudget Projections #1 (through 2018)
          PDF Document2017-2018 Beginning Budget
          PDF Document2017-2018 Budget Amendment No. 1
          PDF Document2017-2018 Budget Amendment No. 2

      Budget, Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Board Approved 

          PDF Document2016-2017 Budget Resolution (beginning budget)
          PDF Document2016-2017 Budget Amendment No. 1
          PDF Document2016-2017 Budget Amendment No. 2

District Check Register

          PDF Document2020-2021 General Fund AP Check Register
          PDF Document2019-2020 General Fund AP Check Register
          PDF Document2018-2019 General Fund AP Check Register
          PDF Document2017-2018 General Fund AP Check Register
          2016-2017 General Fund AP Check Register
          PDF Document2015-2016 General Fund AP Check Register

District Credit Card Information

          PDF Document2020-2021 District Credit Card Information
          PDF Document2019-2020 District Credit Card Information
          PDF Document2018-2019 District Credit Card Information
          PDF Document2017-2018 District Credit Card Information
          2016-2017 District Credit Card Information
          PDF Document2015-2016 District Credit Card Information

District Out-of-State Travel

          PDF Document2020-2021 District Out-of-State Travel
          PDF Document2019-2020 District Out-of-State Travel
          PDF Document2018-2019 District Out-of-State Travel
          PDF Document2017-2018 District Out-of-State Travel
          PDF Document2016-2017 District Out-of-State Travel
          PDF Document2015-2016 District Out-of-State Travel

District Paid Association Dues

Dues and fees paid with district funds are limited to professional associations and student associations.  Membership in professional associations provide added opportunities, resources, continuing education, and professional development.  They also make it possible for our district to conduct business in more efficient ways.  Participation in student associations results in scholarship opportunities for students.  Employees pay employment association (labor union) dues directly to the labor unions.  These dues are not paid with district funds.       

          PDF Document2020-2021 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid
          PDF Document2019-2020 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid
          PDF Document2018-2019 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid
          PDF Document2017-2018 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid
          2016-2017 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid
          PDF Document2015-2016 Fiscal Year Report of Dues Paid

District Paid Lobbying Costs

          PDF Document2020-2021 District Paid Lobbying Costs
          PDF Document2019-2020 District Paid Lobbying Costs
          PDF Document2018-2019 District Paid Lobbying Costs
          PDF Document2017-2018 District Paid Lobbying Costs
          2016-2017 District Paid Lobbying Costs
          PDF Document2015-2016 District Paid Lobbying Costs

Deficit Elimination Plan

           PDF Document2020-2021 District Deficit Elimination Plan
           PDF Document2019-2020 District Deficit Elimination Plan
           PDF Document2018-2019 District Deficit Elimination Plan
           PDF Document2017-2018 District Deficit Elimination Plan
           PDF Document2016-2017 District Deficit Elimination Plan
           PDF Document2015-2016 District Deficit Elimination Plan

Employee Compensation Information 

This section will include compensation information for the Superintendent and any employee whose salary exceeds $100,000 annually.  For purposes of this reporting, salary is defined as Medicare wages for the fiscal year.  

          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2020-2021 School Year
          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2019-2020 School Year
          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2018-2019 School Year
          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2017-2018 School Year
          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2016-2017 School Year
          PDF DocumentEmployee Compensation Information for 2015-2016 School Year


Food Service
2019-2020 Request for Proposal Documents

          PDF DocumentBid Information
          PDF DocumentAttestation Sheet
          PDF DocumentPAL Report
          PDF DocumentClaims Menus
          PDF DocumentMeal Patterns

Medical Benefit Plan Bids 

This section includes information related to bids required under Section 5 of the Public Employee Health Benefits Act, 2007 PA 106, MCL 124.75.  Bids must be solicited from four or more carriers (including one VEBA) for each employee group at least once every three years or whenever a change in health plan coverage is made.

          PDF DocumentMESSA Health Care Quote

          PDF DocumentDiebold Agency Health Care Quote

          PDF DocumentSET-SEG Health Care Quote

Personnel Expenditures and Current Operating Expenditures 

Because schools are a service industry, the largest share of every school's expenditures is salaries and benefits.  Operational expenditures include but are not limited to instructional resources, fuel, maintenance, and technology.

          PDF Document2019-2020 Operating Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2019-2020 Operating Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2018-2019 Operating Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2017-2018 Operating Expenditures Report
          2016-2017 Operating Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2015-2016 Operating Expenditures Report

          PDF Document2020-2021 Personnel Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2019-2020 Personnel Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2018-2019 Personnel Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2017-2018 Personnel Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2016-2017 Personnel Expenditures Report
          PDF Document2015-2016 Personnel Expenditures Report
Policies and Procedures

          PDF DocumentExpense Reimbursement Policy
          PDF DocumentProcurement Policy

Superintendent Evaluation

          External LinkSuperintendent Evaluation Assurances
          External LinkSuperintendent Evaluation Rubric

Teacher Evaluation Forms

           External Link5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances
           PDF Document5D+™ Teacher Evaluation Rubric