Falcon Raingarden Park Information



Plant Descriptions (use this link for plant descriptions)

PDF Document"Idea Sheet" for Engraving Pavers / Dedication Plaques

PDF DocumentRegular 8" x 8" Paver_Order Form - $100.00

PDF DocumentRegular 4" x 8" Paver_Order Form - $75.00

PDF DocumentRegular Granite Laser Engraved Stone_Order Form -  $175 to $225 

PDF DocumentPark Bench with Dedicated Plaque_Order Form - SORRY, SOLD OUT

There's an exciting garden-park on the campus of Ogemaw Heights High School! The north end of the building, an undeveloped grassy area for 50 years, has been developed it into a unique park – the OHHS Falcon Raingarden Park, an area that is both community friendly and educationally supportive.

The two storm drains were converted into two rain gardens. A rain garden is a shallow depression that captures and treats runoff from impervious surfaces such as parking lots, before it enters the storm water system. They use natural processes to improve water quality by filtering pollutants and reducing storm water runoff, so they are protective of our water quality, particularly important in our Rifle River Watershed and Saginaw Bay Region.

Additionally, the remaining areas were developed into beautiful, and nearly maintenance free, gardens to be utilized as opportunities for teachers to train students, for students to enjoy, for visitors and the community at large, including educational signage and QR coding, as well as a place of relaxation and photographic opportunity for special occasions. Vegetation will be identified by botanical and common name, engraved pavers and dedicated benches may be sponsored to help fund the project; plants may be sponsored and dedicated, too.

This was an ambitious project,  The Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network, along with Huron Pines and the Rifle River Prosperity Network Program expressed their support of the project with a grant of $10,000. Several smaller grants ranging from $400 to $2,500 have also been awarded, as well as many ‘in kind’ donations. However, we are still in need of a support to finish paying for this project.

There are many ways to become involved including sponsorship of engraved pavers, dedicated benches, granite stones. Any monetary donations are exceptionally helpful and appreciated!  

This garden is a place of community pride, teaching opportunities, student and visitor usage, and a legacy of dedicated items for decades to come, as well as an environmentally protective jewel and place of relaxing beauty. 

We are grateful for your sponsorship consideration, or monetary donation.
Please feel free to contact us with questions or commitments.

Debra Abraham, Project Manager                989-343-2001    Email: abrahamd@wbrc.k12.mi.us


Collage of Raingarden Pictures