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M-Step Sample Test Items - requires Google Chrome web browser


Activity Pages

Activity Pages for Rose City Elementary Students

Activity Pages for Surline Elementary Students

Games -

   Family Games
   Fun Brain Games

Search Engines

    ASK for Kids
    CyberSleuth for Kids

How Stuff Works

TRiO Talent Search Program: Free college preparation and advising for 6th through 12th grade students.

Media Center -
    Michigan eLibrary
    West Branch District Library
    Ogemaw District Library (Rose City)
    KidsSpace at the Internet Public Library
    Channel One

Classroom Related Sites -

   Delta College Planetarium & Learning Center
   Space Dot Com

   Weather Fronts
   Precipitation Along a Warm Front
   Analyzing Precipitation Animation - Warm Front
   Precipitation Along a Cold Front
   Analyzing Precipitation Animation - Cold Front 
   Science Fair Project Center
   Physics Demos and Science Exhibits
   Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab 

Electric MotorProject:  How to Make a Simple Electric Motor at Home


   Ask Dr. Math
   Cool Math
   Global Classroom
   Scholastic Website
   The Education Place

   'State Know' - Facts about the United States
   The Democracy Project (PBS Kids)   
   Xpeditions (National Geographic)
   Postcards from America 
       Ben Franklin
       Ben Franklin Timeline
       Ben Franklin Inventory










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