Enrollment During Summer:

Rose City School, Surline Elementary and Surline Middle School officea are closed from July 2nd through August 10th. You may print and fill out the enrollment/registration packets during the summer to save time, however, you will need to wait until Monday, August 13th to actually go to those school offices for enrollment. 
Ogemaw Heights High School is open during the summer, with rare exceptions.  Call 343-2050 to ascertain that someone will be in the office to receive your enrollment. 

Enrollment Requirements:

Student enrollments are handled at each building throughout the school year. Please have the following information with you at the time of enrollment:

Required Documentation:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate
  2. Court orders or placement papers, if applicable
  3. Current Immunization Records
  4. Proof of residency consisting of driver's license and one (1) of the following:
  • deed
  • building permit
  • rental agreement
  • tax statement
  • voter registration card
  • utility bill showing parent/guardian name and declared address. 

     If a driver's license is not available then two (2) forms of proof, as listed above, are required.

     5. Name and address of former school. 
     6. If special needs, a copy of the last IEP

New high school students are also required to provide: 

  • Transcript of grades, or 8th Grade final report card (available from previous school).
  • A copy of transcripts and transfer grades must be obtained from your previous school.

After collecting all of the above information, please take documentation and completed registration packet to your child's school to finalize enrollment and register your student for classes (except during the summer, see note at top of page).  Click to select your building and obtain contact/location information.


GSRP Preschool

IMPORTANT NOTE: Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a FREE State Funded program for which the child must meet the criteria to be eligible for enrollment. Completing Intake form and Application does not guarantee enrollment. 

Before completing Application below you must Apply to Preschool and Complete Intake form. This is a required COOR ISD intake.

2018-2019 Rose City or Surline Preschool Application Packet