Staff Training

PDF Document2021-22 Opening Week Professional Learning Schedule

All Staff are required to take the OSHA training for hazardous materials (one time) and submit a certificate of completion, view the Bloodborne Pathogen training video (yearly) and submit a verification form, and to read, sign and submit an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement (one time). All three become part of your personnel file. 

1.   OSHA VIDEO -  (You may wish to note these instructions before going to the site)

  • Choose 'new user' (top right) and create an account.
  • After creating an account, Sign In. 
  • Under 'Course Catalog', choose GHS Certification Training (the '+' sign to the far right.)
  • Choose 'Add to My Courses'.
  • Under 'My Courses' (far left) Choose GHS Certification Training and watch the video.
  • When you have successfully completed the video, please print the certification and submit it to your building Secretary to send to Central Office. 

This training is taken one time, when you are initially hired.

2.  BLOOD BORNE PATHOGEN VIDEO - This training video is to be viewed by all staff at the
     beginning of each school year; please view and submit verification by the date specified at the all
     staff meeting.
     Blood Borne Pathogen Video
     Download and Print: 
     Blood Borne Pathogen - Verification Form  2022

      Having trouble watching a video?  Make sure you use Internet Explorer, not Chrome. 

3. Seclusion & Restraint Training Video will be an email from Vector Training sent to you to complete.

4.  Discrimination and Harassment & FERPA Compliance, 8/19/21
     2022 Completion Form