Meetings and Minutes

PDF DocumentYearly Calendar of Committee of the Whole Meeting Dates - 2023-2024
Committee meetings are held the second Monday of every month, except as otherwise noted or published.

PDF Document Yearly Calendar of Regular Board Meeting Dates - 2023-2024  
Board meetings are held the third Monday of every month, except as otherwise noted or published  

Board Meeting Agendas for Regular and Special Meetings are posted no later than the Friday prior to the Regular Board meeting and no later than 18 hours prior to Special Board Meetings on the BoardBook® link below -

External Link  BoardBook Premier®  7/20/20 to Current Released Agendas and Approved Minutes.

(Board Minutes prior to July 2020 are available to view in Central Office.)

Board Meetings - Regular, Special and Committee

Board Committee Meetings and Agendas are available on the District Calendar, Home Page 

PUBLIC COMMENT AT BOARD MEETINGS: Speakers are asked to express themselves in a civil manner, with due respect for the dignity and privacy of others who may be affected by your comments. While it is not our intent to stifle public comment, speakers should be aware that if your statements violate the rights of others under the law of defamation or invasion of privacy, you may be held legally responsible. If you are unsure of the legal ramifications of what you are about to say, we urge you to consult first with your legal advisor.

BOARD AGENDAS: After the agenda is prepared and released, usually the Friday before the regular Monday board meeting, Board Agenda Action Item details are available at: > BOARD OF EDUCATION> BoardBook® (link) > (choose meeting date) > Agenda (link)

COMPLAINT PROCESS: To insure due process and respect of individual rights, the District maintains a formal process for handling complaints against individuals. A problem involving an individual or a specific incident is best handled through administrative channels.